Need help finding the right plan?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right plan for your family’s internet usage. Online gaming and video streaming will require more bandwidth compared to casual browsing on your phone or computer. 

Plan Selection Guide

Online Gaming

Improve your online gaming experience by avoiding lag. PCs and gaming consoles require high bandwidth. For the best quality gaming experience, we recommend our high-speed plan - Platinum 50. It offers up to 50 Mbps internet speeds, reducing latency, lowering ping, and avoiding packet loss.

Video Streaming

Slow buffer speeds keep you from enjoying your favorite shows and movies. It is recommended that a minimum of 25 Mbps internet speeds is necessary for streaming in 4K. We recommend our Platinum 50 plan for frequent video streaming.

Work From Home

Remote learning and working from home require a reliable internet connection. Stay on schedule and never miss a virtual meeting again with Horizon Net's fast and reliable internet plans. We recommend our Gold 20 and Platinum 50 plans for video conferencing,

Social Media Browsing

Social media browsing and casual web browsing do not require large amounts of bandwidth. For families who only access the web for casual browsing, we recommend our Bronze 4 value plan.

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